Towing Terms and Conditions

Towing and vocational test training is provided subject to the following terms

A deposit is payable to secure any course. You can pay the balance by instalments or in one final payment which must be paid when booking the practical element of the course. In any event the full payment must be made no later than 14 days before your practical course. You can cancel within 14 days of your initial booking and receive a refund for any unused items.

We strongly advise you take out cancellation insurance. This enables you to cancel up to the day before your course starts and you will be refunded for all unused items. The insurance is £95, Buy it here. Covers practical courses only. Theory tests, medicals and classroom sessions are not covered. Must be purchased within 48 hours of your initial booking. Non refundable or transferrable. Not available if your practical course starts within 14 days.

Cheques are not accepted.

You have 12 months from making your initial booking to complete the course, after which time it will be cancelled.

If you are running late, or cannot make the training, all reasonable effort must be undertaken to contact us on the office telephone 01295 279310. In the event of late arrival for sessions we will always wait 15 minutes. You should wait the same for us, however we endeavour always to be reasonably on time. If we are late we will make up the time at the next available opportunity.

There is strictly no smoking whilst in the vehicle. You must show a current, valid driving licence, with your correct details, at the start of your training and test. You should be able to read a number plate at the prescribed distance. You must supply your UK driving licence number to us no later than 14 days before the course starts. The cost of the course and/or test will be forfeited if you do not meet these requirements.

All on road driver training is conducted on a one to one basis. Off road reversing and trailer coupling and CPC training may be conducted in small groups.

It is your responsibility as a driver to ensure you are legal to drive with regard to holding the correct licence, medical conditions and eyesight requirements. We will terminate the course if we feel you do not meet these requirements. If you are using a vehicle not supplied by us, you are responsible for ensuring it is roadworthy, legal and carries the correct insurance. Training and tests will not be conducted in unsafe or illegal vehicles and you will not be refunded if your training or test is cancelled due to vehicle defects. In the event of our vehicle/instructor being unavailable for the training and/or test for any reason we will reschedule the course for the next available date. We shall not be liable for any out of pocket expenses.

The number of training sessions required will vary between individuals and no agreed number of sessions can be a guarantee. We may withdraw permission for the use of our vehicle for the test if you have not reached the required standard. Training is conducted in good faith, we will always give the best advice and strive to give you the best chance of passing your test. We are not liable for any faults you acquire on your test. 

If you or any of your associates behave in a threatening or abusive manner, do anything to jeopardise the safety and good standing of the company, other customers, the general public, examiners or our staff, suppliers, agents or equipment we will terminate the training immediately without refund and will not provide you with any further training.

We will take a photograph of you on passing your test, this will be added to our website and social media with a brief write up about you. Personal information other than your name and location will not be shared, however we may mention things like your occupation, hobbies or family background. If you would prefer us not to, please tell your instructor.

In the event of any of the exams being cancelled by the DVSA at short notice i.e. on the day of the exam, the full session fee will be charged and you may then need to make a claim from the DVSA. Except for bad weather, unless we have already left for the venue. If the test is cancelled before the day then the course will be rescheduled for the next available date.

If we cannot conduct your course or test due to government or local authority advice or regulations relating to the Coronavirus pandemic or other circumstances outside of our control your training will be rescheduled to the next available date. If that is not possible a voucher will be issued for your unused training time which will be valid for 12 months.

It is impossible to guarantee a pass in any examination. There is a guarantee of the high standard of training that you will receive. In the case of promotions offering free retests then we shall pay for 1 practical retest to the value of £115 within 12 months of your original test. You will need to pay for a standard retest session (4 hours at the current rate) to include a pre-test recap and the test time itself.

You attend the training at your own risk. The company, its owners, directors, management, suppliers, staff or agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused.

You should read our coronavirus policy for additional protocols and procedures which form part of these terms.

Any complaints should be made to Neil Ridding, NearWay Driver Training Ltd, Cherwell Valley Business Park, Twyford, Banbury, OX17 3AS.