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Our patient, friendly driving instructors make learning to drive easy and FUN so you can confidently pass your test and get your driving independence faster than anywhere else.

Local test passes – and counting!

Learn smarter, pass sooner & save money

Learn smarter, pass sooner & save money

Driving lessons

Get on the road faster with Boom Driving School.

We aim to help you become a confident driver without spending extra time or money on unnecessary lessons. We’ve been helping new drivers like you to master the road and pass their tests since 2010 and have over 1,713 test passes and counting.

We are committed to your success. We’ll support and encourage you and give you everything you need to pass first time and drive independently. All of our driving lessons are covered by our unique 9 point smart learning programme.

Driving Lessons

Learn at a pace that suits you

All our lessons are 2 hours long, giving you maximum time to gain confidence at the wheel and hone your skills.

We have specialist driving instructors covering both manual and automatic cars.


2 Hour Lesson


Book 5 Lessons (10 Lessons) and Save



2 Hour Lesson


Book 5 Lessons (10 Lessons) and Save


Driving Lesson Reviews

Erinah Namukasa

“What amazing instructor Alex is! I’ve spent years and money with other instructors and never got test ready, but after 10 hours with Alex was test ready, Alex is was so calm, patience and great sense of humour. Passed second

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Diva Alma

“My driving instructor was Manuela. She is superb🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Despite I have driving experience for over 10 years outside the UK, she was very thorough on explaining the standards etc & also making sense all of that standard. She took time

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Hannah Broughan

“Amazing service. Simon was so easy to work with and was truly hilarious. No matter the situation, Simon was always cool and understanding, allowing for a comfortable learning environment should any mistakes be made. I maintain that he is the

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9 Point Smart Learning Programme

‘Learn Smarter’ with Our Unique 9 Point Smart Learning Programme

We have built an excellent local reputation by providing outstanding customer service. Our 9 point smart learning programme ensures that your driving lessons always provide the best value for money.

If these standards are not met you will get your money back. Simply phone the office within 24 hours of your lesson, explain what went wrong and I will authorise a refund. I am so confident that you will love learning to drive with us that I guarantee it - personally.

Neil Ridding - Driving School Owner

  1. Your instructor will always be friendly, patient and professional
  2. Each driving lesson will start with a recap of your learning progress
  3. A clear objective will be agreed for each lesson
  4. The level of help you get from your instructor will be agreed with you for each subject
  5. Your progress will be recapped at the end of each lesson
  6. Client lead instruction techniques – want to practice something again to make sure you’ve got it? No problem, it’s your lesson, do it as much as you like!
  7. Your instructor will be on time for at least 90% of your lessons. If they are running unavoidably late they will contact you to let you know and any lost time will be made up at the next opportunity
  8. The driving school car will always be clean and tidy
  9. Learn faster with free theory test training and online video learning for your driving lessons

Pass with confidence with Boom Driving School

“I enjoyed my driving lessons in Banbury, my instructor was patient, understanding and made me feel completely at ease. Right from the beginning I knew I was well matched with the instructor. I was a nervous person around other people and so Nearway did a very good job in putting me with the right person from the start. 

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test 1st time. Driving will give me the freedom I needed to get to and from the village I live in whenever I want without relying on anyone else or public transport.”

Barbara Foster

I would like to say thank you to this brilliant driving instructor Gurdev Bhanot. After I failed my test 3 times in Oxford he show me all mistakes on the road and how much I have to learn. I drive now and I feel safe on the road. He is a top man and works hard teaching people how to drive on the road. Thank you thank you Gurdev and NearWay driver training.

Gabriel Zapodeanu

“Thank you Neil I never thought I would see the day when I passed my driving test. I couldn’t have had a better instructor”

Natalie Rogers

Our happy drivers

Latest Driving Test Passes

Ellie-May Curry First Time Driving Test Pass!

Ellie-May Curry First Time Driving Test Pass!

Congratulations to Ellie-May from Southam who passed her driving test at the first attempt on 4th April 2024 after taking driving lessons Warwickshire with us! Ellie was ecstatic to have passed her driving test.. “the first thing I’m doing today…
Ruby O'Callaghan first time driving test pass!

Ruby O'Callaghan first time driving test pass!

Well done to Ruby who passed her driving test first time on 28th March 2024 after taking driving lessons in Banbury with us. Ruby is a student, actor and also finds time for a job as well! Ruby will now…
Alex Driving Lessons Brackley

Alex Driving Lessons Brackley

BOOM!! That’s how to do it! A huge shout out to Alex who passed his manual driving test on 27th March 2024 with 0 driver faults. Alex worked hard during his driving lessons in Brackley going on to smash his…
Ash Black and Becca Robertson - Double First Time Driving Test Pass!

Ash Black and Becca Robertson - Double First Time Driving Test Pass!

A double pass today as both Ash and Becca passed their driving tests first time on 21st March 2024 in Banbury. Ash and Becca both has separate driving instructors in Banbury, but took their driving tests at the same time.…
Jason White

Jason White

Well done to Jason who passed his manual car driving test with only 2 driver faults on 14th March 2024 in Banbury. Jason had a bad experience learning when he was younger and stopped. He now wants to drive for…
Kyle Bridge

Kyle Bridge

Congratulations to Kyle who passed his manual car driving test first time with only 3 driver faults on 14th March 2024 in Banbury. Kyle wanted to drive as he works late shifts in the week due to education and wants…