Erinah Namukasa

“What amazing instructor Alex is! I’ve spent years and money with other instructors and never got test ready, but after 10 hours with Alex was test ready, Alex is was so calm, patience and great sense of humour. Passed second time with him after the nerves overpowering me on first attempt that resulted into a […]

Diva Alma

“My driving instructor was Manuela. She is superb🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Despite I have driving experience for over 10 years outside the UK, she was very thorough on explaining the standards etc & also making sense all of that standard. She took time to listen to you and gave honest opinion. As a result I only have one […]

Hannah Broughan

“Amazing service. Simon was so easy to work with and was truly hilarious. No matter the situation, Simon was always cool and understanding, allowing for a comfortable learning environment should any mistakes be made. I maintain that he is the only human on earth capable of being calm and reassuring when there is a 40 […]

Jonathan Abankwah

“Boom and Simon my instructor is absolutely fabulous. Calming your nerves and relating to you so well. Fair and firm. A teacher.” Such wonderful words about our instructor Simon. Thank you!

Emily Bonner

“Simon was a fantastic driving instructor not only was he great at his job but he was kind patient and friendly and made me feel so comfortable. Best instructor I’ve had :)” Thank you Emily!

Thomas Tingley

Congratulations to Thomas who passed his driving test first time on 16th February 2024 in Banbury. Tom is very glad to pass his driving test as it will allow him to ease pressure on the family by having another driver. Well done Thomas from your instructor Alex and everyone here at Boom Driving School.

Zak Rumsby

Congratulations to Zak who passed his manual driving test first time on 16th February 2024 in Banbury. Zak has been focused and driven to get his license but hasn’t put pressure on himself with deadlines. He will now have less complications getting in and out of the village not needing to rely on lifts and […]

Diva Alma

Well done to Diva who passed her automatic driving test first time with only one driver fault in Banbury on 15th February 2024. Stay safe out there! Congratulations from your instructor Manuela and everyone here at Boom Driving School.

Erinah Namukasa

Congratulations to Erinah who passed her driving test on 15th February 2024 in Banbury. Erinah is very happy to pass her test because this means she will be able to drive her children to their events. She will also now be able to take them on trips on the weekend Erinah also plans to start […]

Hannah Broughan

Well done to Hannah who passed her driving test first time on 7th February 2024 in Banbury. It will be much easier for Hannah to get to work now and have some more independence too. Congratulations Hannah from your instructor Simon and everyone here at Boom Driving School.